Badjo progressing faster than a nine inch nail through a rotting casket

Been hacking away at this for a couple of days, and this is pretty much where i'm at currently.

  • Gravatars get shown ( yay )
  • Added project details when clicking on a repo ( have to add some sort of transition thingy but right now i can't think of a decent one so right now the text just magically appears )
  • Made the whole thing fully resizable
  • Scrolling for the project list ( the white circles control it - rubbish, i know, but MAGIC ! )

So here's a quick look at what's what, and seeing as Cristi let me know that i apparently stole Nic's son's name, this demo is entirely dedicated to him !

Badjo preview ;o

Stick a username in the input box, hit 'go', and it should either display a sad Octocat ( stuff failed, world coming to an end ), or actually display your repos. Your gravatar won't get displayed quite yet, sorry :( It was a big adjustment for me as well. But until i fix it, you can have Octocat ! Octocat's just as awesome, if not, even more awesome !

Right, so this is pretty much it, if you look at the html in this post, after you overcome your gag reflex at all the rubbish in there, the "FlashVars" section of the flash snippet of the code contains the git user, and the bgcolor param and embed attribute control the movie's background color.

If you click around on stuff nothing happens, for the moment and i'm still bouncing around ideas of what it should actually do on click, so if you've got any suggestions leave a comment, hit me up on twitter, or just fork it and hack it to bits :D.

Badges, anyone ?

For the past month or so i've been doing ActionScript 3. It's typed, it's compiled, and it has this 'dynamic mode' that allows you to basically code it like it's straight javascript, but that incurs some sort of performance penalty, but nobody knows the exact value of that penalty. Long story short, it's ok.

This would pretty much justify the lack of posts since the amount of new information i could share on ruby topics has dropped by quite a bit. But, i digress.

So it's easter and i'm having a beer and snooping around the interwebs looking for pictures of monkeys arm-wrestling, and one thing leads to another and i notice that Github has an api, and aforementioned api works with json as well. Being the go-getter i am, i start pondering about stuff i could possibly do with this new-found gem, and the first thing that pops out is "some sort of thing that displays a person's repos !".

Ten or so minutes later, just as i'm setting up and grabbing another beer, dr. Nic starts showing off the javascript badge thing that he'd done. Epic cryface ensues, but then, with renewed force, i decide to make mine not bigger, not better, but DIFFERENT !.

Nic made his with TDD ? Well screw that, i'll go hardcore, NO TESTS WHATSOEVER.

Nic made his using jquery ? I'll... well, that doesn't really count, since i'm using a different language. BUT it's different nonetheless !.

Also, it has rounded corners. Rounded corners are always a big win.

So anyway, without further ado, here's the repo. It's in pretty much what i'd call 'early alpha' right now, or in layman terms "LOL IT KINDOF WORKS !", but it gets the job done. I'll put a post up with a test so you can check it out for yourselves in a bit. ( no clue about the name tbh, at first i thought it would be cool to have it be like, "badge" + "banjo", because banjos are inherently cool, but now i think it's rubbish, so meh :'[ )